There aren’t many women who know what they want… It’s a weird way to start this text, isn’t it? Is it really so, or does it only seem so to you, because…

A woman goes through many stages in her life before finding out the most important things she wants. And first, we need lessons in life. We also need questions, whose answers we don’t know. Then, we have to experience the answers, accept them, learn how to love them and only then want… want, but what?

A woman finds out what she wants when she experiences her first major breakup. This is when a few things become clear: that love is blind only for a short while; that the right man and the first big love are two separate things; that you have the heart and the strength to get over everything; and, that people are different in their perspective on life and sometimes people just go in different directions… for the better.

A woman finds out what she wants when she realises that true love isn’t like it is in fairy tales – it is her own fairy tale. Then she finds out that “true” means hers only. Not the one which is told in the stories, nor the one which is described by clichés, invented by other people, but the one which is for her, hers only. The one love which she alone can create, raise and take care of. She can do so, realising and understanding that this love grows stronger and more beautiful with time and no matter how much she looks around, she wouldn’t change it for anything else.

A woman finds out what she wants when she starts believing in herself. Then, it doesn’t matter even if the whole world applauds you or doesn’t like you. The only things that matters are the people who you love and who love you – those, who are the closest to you and share your joy or lend a sympathetic shoulder for you to rest your head on when all the applause has died down… Then all obstacles can be overcome, all bars can be jumped over.

A woman finds out what she wants when she comes to believe that it isn’t wrong to want more. In time when women are being accused of wanting too much, realising that it isn’t wrong to want more is strength. Wanting the best for yourself and for your closest ones – this is love, care, stability, security and freedom. Freedom, which gives you a lot more room to love, accept and help.

A woman finds out what she wants when she realises that she has a lot to give. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you can and have a lot to give to people around you. That you can bring up a child, that you can nurture love, that you can achieve your small or great victories by bestowing, understanding, knowing and giving…

A woman finds out what she wants when she learns how to listen to her heart. Only then can she jump over mountains and oceans, go through places where she would otherwise not dare set foot in. Then her dreams become reality and all small victories lead up to the otherwise impossible ultimate goal. Not because it suddenly becomes possible, but because it is only the heart that melts away fear and knows best where it wants to be.

A woman finds out what she wants when she wants love. Because she has the heart and the strength to get over everything, because she knows that her love is the strongest, because she has come to believe in herself and wants the best for herself and the ones closest to her.

She knows that she has a lot to give, fear has melted away and she only listens to her heart…

Text: Fashion Inside

Photo: Press

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