Let me tell you one… slightly darker story.

It’s not so important that I start it from the end…

A tale with a sad, difficult beginning.

In effect, pointless.


Kept in dust and excuses, lied about in front of the shiny packaging of love.

A tale, where the antagonist is the loved one.

And the beauty is dispelled.

And while he is sleeping, she is treading…

She has learned how to dance while tiptoeing around him…

How to hold her chin high because on her neck, there hangs the heaviest necklace – the one that HE fastened, with black stones in the middle – in order to love the Beast.

No, dear girls, he is not a criminal, not a villain, not a thief.

He doesn’t lie.

Honesty is so obviously gushing from his eyes and written on his forehead, that while he is looking, he is firing – without even aiming.

And he never misses.

So… sharp his tongue is, that while he is speaking, you better turn your head if you cannot bear the truth.

A BEAST – from head to toe.

His main distinction – he doesn’t look like your princes!

Darkness around him – in order to hide the wrinkles around his eyes while he was fixing them on more and more work.

In order to have a home.

Dry hands, tired with being on the ropes, helping out those in need and in trouble – known and unknown. A palm grazed, but stretched out to help.

Slightly stooped – with the burden of youth going away faster than a winter day because it is chased away by the heaviness of dealing with one’s life on one’s own, without royal titles and families.

This is what his name is – Beast.

And to your surprise, he is not ashamed of that!

And around such one – neither man, nor…

Apart from tiptoeing, you have no other choice.

He awakens all of your senses – and you better be prepared because he keeps you alert constantly.

(And you better do your nails neat and nice.)

You are dancing because you are in heaven with joy…

He can bring it to you!

With beasts, love doesn’t happen, it is a means.

Such a man cannot… he WILL bring out the best in you!

If you have entered the land of the Beast, then you are the Beauty.

And you can see in the dark – beyond those walls, made of branches of doubt and denial.

So he is a Beast… Good Lord?!

But being a BEAST’s wife, you need something more…

You need him to love you.

If the beast loves you, then you are already real – even if you’re not a queen!

So, dear princesses, we leave the princes for you!

I don’t want the crowns of good girls, which are heavy with boredom and loneliness.

I don’t want the power of the “suitable man”.

I leave the Beast for myself!

It will suit me more… The other story…

Text: Eva Koleva

Photo: Press

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