You wait for him at dusk, at night, to pass under your window, get out of the car, cross that door, laugh out loud, set a trap, tell a joke, snatch your heart.

You look around the backs of tall boys, doors open, hands stretch, go ahead – you are beautiful, after all.

Go ahead – it is your turn to fall in love.

And you look around cold sides, neatly knotted neckties, buttoned up collars, restrained smiles and moderate compliments.

Let the man of your life come in – the promised one, the wanted one.

The one you are looking for, expecting applause for him.

You stare at glasses rimmed with sugar.

But did anyone tell you that they put sugar to kill the bitter taste of every glass that you drink to the bitter end?


He wears a magician’s hat – the Cap of Invisibility.

He comes in broad daylight, out of the blue, like a thunder, like an unwritten rule, like a bad joke, like a dream with eyes wide open, fairly relaxed, crystal clear.

He is the master of all moon paths, he sees in the dark, knows your hands, burns your clothes and dresses you up in ash.

He says that you look beautiful naked.

He drinks bottoms up, especially from you.

He likes overdoing it.

He has no shame, not even a shadow of it.

Your suitable loves are laughable to him.

He mocks them sincerely.

He sends you over to them in a Limousine.

On purpose.

You come back drenched, barefoot and your hair is messy…

You are crystal clear to him.

He welcomes you, takes off his hat – the magician’s.

P.S. A person doesn’t choose who to fall in love with…

And cannot run away further than their heart.

Text: Eva Koleva

Photos: Marks & Spencer’s

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