I want a man who wears a suit. Tonight, I want to dine with him at a fancy restaurant. I want to put on my favourite dress and wear the most beautiful shoes. I want to drink wine – white and dry, and listen to jazz. I can go without the last one. Hence, I became a material girl. They put this label on me a few days ago. I proudly stuck it to my new Prada bag and decided to take a walk around town in this outfit. I started looking around for the others like me – materialists with an affinity for fashion and good wine. There are many people like me, trust me! My girlfriends are such, I even know one or two men – materialists – they know what they want from life, they work hard and have nothing against being called this way. Because what is it, actually, to be called a materialist nowadays?

Do not confuse materialism with good taste.

Good taste is being cultivated for years. It comes as a result of personal development in a constructive way. Good taste shows particular attitude to the self, to the world and to the way of life. Materialism is wanting to have gold cutlery, expensive clothes or implants just for the sake of wanting. Good taste is knowing how to use the cutlery even when it is not yours, knowing how to look good in clothes which may not be the most expensive, as well as knowing that beauty comes first from within.

Do not confuse materialism with motivation for growth.

For a woman who has been part of the academic environment and who has graduated with the clear idea what her degree is for motivation is a question of character. To me, it is everything – love for books, respect for personal choices and a step to making dreams come true. Motivation for achieving your goals is not materialism. This is believing in yourself and loads of sleepless nights. Materialism is going to university with every intention of finding a wealthy husband. Motivation is going there in order to discover new perspectives.

Do not confuse materialism with the choice of a suitable partner.

The man with a nice car, a good deal of money, designer clothes – I, the materialist, do not look for him. Why are you accusing me? I want a man who I can talk to about history, for example, a motivated man, a man who knows that he can do better because I can do better, as well. I want a man who will be able to motivate our children, who will show them what good taste is, and will teach them how to build up their character. Yes, these men have money, drive expensive cars and wear suits and cufflinks because, at the end of the day, this is what they wanted from life. Call me a materialist and let him who isn’t looking for a woman by similar criteria cast the first stone!

Do not confuse materialism with good manners.

Upbringing, manners and behaviour – these are as important to me as it is important to smile every day. Having high standards of behaviour is neither funny, nor is it the first step to acquiring material goods. Holding a glass filled with alcohol of uncertain origin in some disco, half naked and awaiting the prince on the white horse – this is materialism. Sipping at a glass of champagne, without being part of the masses is a question of good manners.

Do not confuse materialism with the desire to travel.

There are two types of women – those who travel and all the rest. I am from the former. For a good rest or an adventure, I give all my emotion. And I reckon that the world is small. I travel because I am happy this way. And if the abovementioned man loves travelling, we will share the emotion, and trust me – there are women who travel at their own expenses because they work and because the material part of a journey is a question of good financial planning and not of a man who is supposed to replace all this.

Do not confuse materialism with the love for shoes.

Out of love for myself, I shamelessly admit it – I love shoes! It may sound egotistical, but – I buy them on my own. Otherwise, yes, we know – it is materialism when the Cinderella syndrome develops so much that we start looking for dependencies – somebody else to buy the shoes in question. Sorry I’m not sorry, but the taste of a material girl is too high for her to allow somebody else to choose her shoes or bags. This is why to my label saying “material girl” I gladly put the inverted commas. And for solace, there stays the questionable label “Certified Copy” and the broken buckle of those fake Prada bags, which true material girls actually use as bait when they go hunting for men…

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photo: Press

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