And remember from me… A man you look straight in the eyes. Look at when he says, “This is so”, whether it is so! Such a man will work miracles, but his word will not budge an inch. Do not judge as a servant, but rather – as a queen! The queen is always the last to move, but she holds the strongest move to any game. And don’t you judge him when he is with the king, but rather – whether he will let the apprentice pass first. Whether he stretches out his hand to greet the one who works for him and if he bids good morning, his heart is right where it belongs.

Asking you to look him in the hands… nothing he is worthy of, so you know! Should a man start flooding you with gifts, you then go home! Should he praise himself alone, alone you leave him be! Don’t you watch out if he keeps his shoes unstained, but rather – pay attention to his conscience. Everyone could wade in mud, but as mud is stuck to the shoes, so it is cleaned. Mud from someone’s soul we are unable to uproot. The liar’s busy polishing his words, while he’s careless about his shoes and you.

A man who has achieved a bit can show you to the world – he will bring you with him, show you places, but never trade with you. He can use his hands to build a house for you, but home he is unable to create. Having clothes as many as all the women in a city – still, more beautiful this doesn’t make you. In the goldsmith’s pocket, there you will be the golden coin, and tomorrow at the market, you will be exchanged for daily goods.

A man is worth as much as his word is, not as much as he has in his pocket, not as much as his palace is. His word. Should he keep it, he will also keep you tightly. This should be your law.

Text: Eva Koleva

Photo: GQ Japan’s January issue

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