Chocolate is one of the most preferred treats: a sweet food which heals pre-diabetic conditions, it acts as doping for students during exam sessions, a drink which in Pre-Columbian America was only drunk by the wealthiest men, and afterwards – exceptionally given to those who were chosen to be offered as a human sacrifice. At the end of the day, chocolate never received the unanimous approval of personal trainers, psychologists and master chocolatiers, but doctors are sure about one thing: it is particularly healthy.

Chocolate is our perfect match. In fact, its melting point is the same as the temperature of the human body. A coincidence? Just think about how happy you feel when you and chocolate have a sweet date.

Here are five reasons which will convince you that overindulging in chocolate is… actually healthy.

Lowers the risk of myocardial infarction

The consumption of chocolate is of paramount importance for maintaining the suppleness of blood vessels and the flexibility of arteries. 10 grams of chocolate a day could prevent heart attack. Choose the right type of chocolate – the one where the contents of cocoa beans are no less than 50%. They are rich in a specific kind of polyphenols – flavonoids, which lower blood pressure and the levels of bad cholesterol in blood. This way you strengthen blood vessels and significantly lower the risk of blood clot formation.

Acts as natural aspirin

The effect of aspirin and that of chocolate are very similar in one thing – they both have anti-inflammatory properties. In cocoa, these are provided by polyphenols, which fight against cardiovascular diseases. Very much like aspirin, this sweet remedy thins blood, acting on thrombocytes as it prevents them from clotting and forming thrombi.

Stimulates brain activity

It is not accidental that children who are sitting exams are allowed to have a bottle of water and a bar of chocolate with them. Cocoa beans have an anti-stress effect – every 2-3 hours they improve the flow of blood to the most important sections of the human brain. Lecithin amplifies the transmission of nerve impulses and promotes the improvement of logic, reasoning and reactions.

Relieves emotions

After a poignant break-up or after stress, we intuitively look for something sweet. And while after some biscuits the feeling of guilt sneaks in, after three bars of chocolate our soul feels relieved. The reason for this is that chocolate dramatically decreases the stress hormone in the human body and substitutes it for endorphin – the hormone of happiness.

Supresses the appetite

This relates chiefly to bitter dark chocolate. The reason for this being that its taste does not allow reaching surfeit. The bitter taste supresses the appetite and makes the stomach contract. If your appetite insists on more, but your rational mind says “Enough!”, then have some truffles or a piece of chocolate and you will feel full.

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