Lipsticks with matte effect have become a serious trend. For several years now, they have constantly been present in our cosmetic bags. But they are not particularly easy to apply, because they leave a strange dry feeling and magnify every tiny detail. So, we have compiled this small guide which leaves no room for mistakes.

Exfoliate lips

The skin of the lips is thin and delicate. Use a piece of warm cotton fabric to massage the lips with. Remove the makeup carefully and with circular movements go through every corner of your lips. There is also the belief that toothpaste is the perfect scrub, but let’s leave this to the past!

Get used to it!

We have all felt the desire to buy a new matte lipstick and immediately afterwards had that unpleasant dry feeling. No matter how good it looks on models on the catwalk, for example! This is why after exfoliating your lips, simply add a small amount of some hydrating agent with a light texture. After that, use some of your favourite lip balm and apply it gently with the tip of your finger. For even better results, combine with the foundation that you are using. Just a drop from it is going to additionally matteyour lips, but it is not going to change the colour of your lipstick.

Do not use any brushes

This is probably the most important trick when it comes to application. Apply the colour directly in order to achieve the desired result. Lip brushes can only confuse you. If the lipstick itself has become harder over time, simply warm it through with a hairdryer. This is going to soften the lipstick and make it easier to apply.

Line the contour boldly

Matte lipstick requires a perfect contour line. And the best way to achieve this is to first apply the colour and then work on the details with the help of a lip pencil. This means that you don’t need to draw the perfect contour line first, then apply the lipstick and afterwards waste time correcting the small imperfections with a concealer or brushes. You reverse the order and you save a lot of efforts!

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