No matter how well we know the world, there is always some room left for surprise. Especially when we speak about superfoods. And if last year all the love of those that lead a healthy lifestyle was dedicated to turmeric, then today it goes to moringa. And quite deservedly so! The exotic tree is literally brimming with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. And as we very well know, these are indispensable as much to health as to beauty.

What is moringa?

There are 13 species of this tree scattered around the world, but the most widespread of them is Moringa oleifera, which is indigenous to the Himalayas, but also grows well in tropical climates. Its leaves are usually dried and ground to powder, but its flowers, fruit and seeds are also edible. And just like the majority of superfoods that people go crazy about nowadays, this one, too, has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

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Health benefits

It sounds rather unreal, but it is a matter of fact. The number of health benefits that moringa possesses is impressive. Starting with its antioxidant, antibacterial and antidiabetic properties and continuing with the anti-inflammatory and the anti-cholesterol ones. To be even more precise, moringa protects the liver by preventing hepatitis problems, it cures stomach conditions such as gastritis and colitis. Apart from that, it helps maintain a good physical shape because of its high nutritional properties and low-calorie content. The impressive amount of Vitamin B in the leaves of the plant boosts digestion and transforms food into energy rather than fat.

Moringa is exceptionally nutritious. According to various studies, the leaves of the plant contain four times more Vitamin A than carrots, seven times more Vitamin D than oranges, four times more calcium than cow’s milk and three times more potassium than bananas.

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Skin and hair care

Apart from everything mentioned so far, moringa oil has moisturising and pampering effects when added to makeup, cleansing products, face creams and hair conditioners. Moringa has protective properties that keep hair safe from damaging factors including UV-rays.

How to consume it?

Moringa has a light earthy, nutty flavour. You could add a teaspoon of powder to your smoothies and juices or sprinkle it over your bowl of oats. Furthermore, it is a good addition to any home baking. The pods that the tree produces are used in soups and stews.

Where to find it?

You may find different varieties in organic stores, but most frequently you will find it in the form of powder or pills.

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