All fairy tales start with “Once upon a time…” Gabrielle Chanel’s story, however, begins with “I decided who I wanted to be and that is who I am.” A free woman with an intransient aspiration for gaining independence, which is not at all common among women of her time. Loving, passionate and disobedient, Gabrielle remains relentless against all the obstacles along the course of the destiny that she has chosen for herself.

Gabrielle is the name that gives her the wings to rise above the modest social circumstances she was born to. The humble tailor, who works with the needle and the thread from dawn till dusk, manages to conquer Paris with her bold character and hard work. “I want to be part of what is happening,” loves to say Gabrielle and writes her own story without allowing anybody to do this instead of her.

In 1921 Coco’s rebellious spirit and Gabrielle’s bold character are woven together into a fragrance – Chanel №5. With years, each Chanel fragrance recreates a chapter in the story of the legendary designer, illustrating love, a friendship, a place, or a memory of a journey that has a reflection on her life. The new fragrance by Chanel represents Gabrielle’s overall personality – the public and the private, her untamable character and her loving soul. In 2017 Gabrielle becomes a fragrance ode to the Chanel woman, to her creator and to all other women alike.

The fragrance Gabrielle by Chanel is glorious, decisive, noble, bold and passionately feminine. A new name, a new bottle, a new fragrance. A new way of expression and inspiration. Gabrielle by Chanel is a fragrance for the woman that chooses her own way. A fragrance which does not whisper. It is the rebel heart that beats in every woman and wants to unveil her unique individuality.

White flowers have always been present in Chanel’s aromas, but never before have they been so purely and openly used – enveloped in woody notes and extracts, forming the architectural foundation of the fragrance. Perfumer Olivier Polge, together with Chanel Fragrance and Development Laboratory, gives them a brand new rendition. He creates an imaginary flower. Olivier Polge chooses ylang-ylang, jasmine and orange blossom, as well as a hint of tuberose. He increases the intensity of the jasmine and uses white musk to add a velvety feeling to the ylang-ylang. He emphasises the softness of the tuberose with milky sandalwood and enriches the freshness of the orange blossom with mandarin orange and grapefruit zest, adding a touch of black currant.

Especially for this rebellious fragrance they create a unique glass bottle. So fine that it lets the fragrance shine. While luxury is usually associated with the heaviness of the glass, the fashion house of Chanel takes another approach.
Stay true to yourself. Allow yourself to be unforgettable with Gabrielle – the new fragrance by Chanel!
The fragrance will be available starting 1st September.

Text: Fashion Inside
Photos: Chanel

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