Our skin is our closest ally and protector of the body. It resists the drying effect of the wind and the burning sun, and it inspired BIODERMA to develop biological solutions in order to retain its health and beauty. In the long term.

By observing the natural mechanisms of how the skin functions, BIODERMA created a new category in sun protection with a nude effect.

The new range Photoderm NUDE Touch boasts high, entirely mineral sun protection with an SPF 50+ and an 8-hour matte effect. Its sensitive and ultra-light texture provides the flawless effect of the nude skin with a velvet touch, it evens out the complexion, boosts the skin’s radiance and hides imperfections.

NUDE Touch is a daily sunscreen product that reduces day after day the excessive shine and the imperfections on your skin, and it has an ultra-sensitive makeup effect of nude skin – this is already reality.

High dermatological sun protection

Photoderm NUDE Touch SPF 50+ provides very high sun protection. The combination of UVA/UVB mineral filters, together with the patented Cellular Bioprotection, defend the skin against the damaging effects of the UV rays, both while the skin is exposed and for a long time afterwards.

Biological mode of action Shine Control with 8-hour matte effect

The new Photoderm NUDE Touch SPF 50+ combines mattifying and softening powders with the amino-acid derivative Capryloyl Glycine, which regulates the 5α-Reductase – an enzyme, stimulating the production of sebum.

This combination, which is innovative for this category of sun protection products, provides double action: it has an immediate result thanks to the matte effect of the mineral powders and filters, as well as long-lasting balance of the quantity of sebum produced. This also allows for lowering the use of additional shine-control face powders, which provides lightness for your skin.

Perfectly even face tan and long-lasting nude skin effect

The incredible lightness of the formula, combined with the mineral pigmentation, creates the effect of nude skin – a subtle texture and an even colour. The tool test for even complexion measures how even the complexion is just like the duration test, which shows that this effect lasts for 8 hours.

Smooth skin with boosted radiance

The presence of Salicylic acid in the formula helps stimulate the cellular regeneration, it smooths out the skin, reduces the comedones and other spots and in this way improves the look of combination and oily skin after a 3-week use.

A long–lasting result, combined with immediate skin radiance, due to the presence of natural pigments and softening powders, which reflect light.

Anti-imperfection action day after day

The Fluidactiv patent combined with Capryloyl Glycine regulates the quantity and quality of sebum produced day after day and thereby prevents imperfections from appearing.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Bioderma

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