If you prize grace, beauty, style and femininity, then you certainly know who Jackie Kennedy is. Jacqueline Kennedy, later known as Jacqueline Onassis and Jackie O., is one of America’s first ladies and a wife of two emblematic men in human history – the American president John Kennedy and the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. Because of her refined sense of style and elegance she has been officially declared a fashion icon all over the world. Beautiful, gentle and graceful, here are the nine most important beauty lessons she shares…

1. You are trying to decide how to do your make-up today? Put some bright red lipstick on your lips. This always does the trick. You are going to look fresh and astonishing.

2. Choose a shade which matches the main colour of your outfit. There is nothing wrong about that. It is much more important for the rest of your make-up to be as natural as possible. As though you have only put on lipstick.

3. Don’t be afraid of your grown-out roots in your dyed hair. As a recognised fashion icon, Jackie Kennedy Onassis used the ombré style long before it came into fashion, and she did so without a moment’s hesitation.

4. Add volume to your hairstyle. Glamorous hair, cut in layers, never goes out of fashion.

5. Don’t waste too much time in front of the mirror when you are about to go out. It is enough to arrange your hair with a comb, do a nice little ponytail, and put on big sunglasses over your face.

6. If you want to attract everyone’s attention wherever you go, achieve it with the Make-up-for-Make-up’s-Sake effect. A dress in a bright colour plus bright make-up always looks stunning.

7. Trim your fringe regularly, once you have cut it. Never forget to make an appointment with the hairdresser in order to have a timely trim.

8. Eternal style: classic jewellery is appropriate for any given situation. The pearl necklace always looks elegant and stylish.

9. Wear oversized sunglasses. If they catch you unprepared, but you have to make a good impression, put on a pair of big sunglasses. You are going to look fashionable, and you will feel comfortable.

Text: Fashion Inside

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